Mac vs. € vs. ¥ vs. $

I’m finally making some money now, so I’ve been looking at the big-boy’s section of the camera stores. From what I’ve seen, Mac has seriously jacked its prices on its products abroad.

Living in japan, you’d think cheep electronics. Well, Steve Jobs says different. at the base MacBook Pro is retailing for $1999; in Japan its ¥228,800; in France, €1799.

so here is the breakdown, and since i live in Japan, ill base in in Yen:




the new MacBook looks like this when you convert it:

JP: $2500 (+$500) –

US: $1900 (+0) –

FR: $2402 (+$402)-

“Why, Onnie Andrew Awesome Frier Godzilla Koski are you looking at France’s prices and not, oh, say England’s,” you might ask. Simply, cause I’m going there at teh end of December and they have a new Apple Store popping up in the glass pyramid at the Louvre (of all places).

So, ok, i get it, it costs allot to ship things now-a-days. Especially Japan. “But hey, wait a second, Onnie Andrew Death-bringer Boss Nerd Koski, aren’t they all made in China and shipped directly to your door step?” you may say. Yeah, that’s what i hear from the grape vine.

so eff this ess. I’m going to start moving money into my account back home, maybe open a CD. Or, why not, send it off to Oz. They are down to AUD1:61JPY and were at 1:100 when i got here. It cant get worse… can it?

Any way, i guess I’m going to be working off my old G4 until i can afford a MacBook Pro from the states.

At least i can still buy music and Movies off iTunes US, J-pop shits me.