jean paul gautier water, chocolate pringles

crisps ¥500, water ¥1600

crisps ¥500, water ¥1600

it pays to get drunk on a school night

apparently JPG is designing watter (bottles) and selling them for 16 bucks

the chips are hilarious. they look like pringles

assuming that water will always taste like H2O and that wont change, i bought a Chuhi Strong and a pack of the crisps


Nikon, Hitler and Twitter… i know, akward title.

David at posted this on his blog

I too was once a Nikon guy. I still love the controls of a Nikon (can canon please make a vertical grip that lines up with the buttons on the body?) and yes, Hitler is a bad bad man But this is just freaking funny.

as a side note, my dashboard for WordPress (something i cant skin) is this wonderful gunmetal-gray, that looks like everything else on my Mac. It always takes me forever to find the “New Post” button… which probably means i should just blog more

Also, im now on twitter.

The Mixed Tape

I found out that one of my students, a 20-year-old Japanese Woman (amazingly cute) had never heard of The Pillows. In my ultimate music nerdome, i made here a CD of their music from Adict and King of Pirates.

In respnonce she made me a Mix of her favorite songs and wrote me a cute lil note (in english ^_^).

This is the first time that I’ve not been able to read into the music selection on a “Mixtape” given to me by a girl (according to Diesel Sweeties, when a girl gives you a mix tape it means they like you). Mainly because i question weather or not she understand the lyrics.


I Hate You

You know who you are.

The Face of ECC

So for some reason, I’m slowly becoming the face of ECC. Just kidding, but seriously, go to these two school’s websites:

ECC – Hon-Atsugi School

ECC – Hashimoto School
These are quite spectacularly unflattering photos of me, but they both seem to want to post photos of me on their sites. I wont stop them. ^_^

who are they

Black, unassuming suit, about as unassuming a face as a mechanized battalion. Cauliflowered ears, five-o’clock shadow, ¥100 umbrella. His mouth is small and held loose as if he long ago learned it helped to keep no tension in the it when taking a fist to the head, as if the space taken up by a mouth guard had never recovered its slack. He’s a Japanese rottweiler in an unassuming suit.

His lapel pin, small, ovular, brass, reveals a family name rather than a company. It makes one assume they must have conventions.

As unassuming as this strapping young man are the two shiny girls a quarter way down the train car from us. The two most attention grabbing; the only two people he didn’t size up. He hasn’t even looked at them. He’s aware of the like a trained guard-dog’s aware of who’s at the end of the leash.

They have tealeaf brown orange hair, bright pink tops and matching pumps, and skirts that may well be considered glorified belts.

He knows these two girls like a metzgerhund knows whose father feeds him.

La Di Da

Just as a note, it was “Blog like its the End of the World” day. Hence the crazy zombie blog. ^_^ No, japan is not being over run. But it will happen eventually. Remember, the only good defense in a zombie apocalypse is preparedness. Go buy Max Brook’s Zombie Survival Guide!