ONiLX in Japan

The short and fast of it is I’ve moved to Japan. I have a new front page on my site and new contact info to come.

So I’m a busy man. I still have a shoot to finish editing that i shot in the states about two weeks ago. Lovely girls, great makeup. I’m sorting out my new digs outside of Tokyo, and if you want to shoot with me or have me work for you, let me know as soon as possible, I’m a busy man in the largest metropolitan area in the world.

Its tight and fast out here, and keep in touch, email is the best way to grab me. info[at]onilx.com and onniekoski[at]gmail.com

hopefully I’ll be updating more often in the future.




One shot one kill. That’s the sniper motto. Photography? No, not as much.

I’m shooting an older man on Thursday (which reminds me, i need to email him). I’m doing everything i can to make sure i have proper equipment to make this work.

I was looking for alternate flood lights to accompany the two i have. I found these great ceramic clamp lights at Home Depot. I’ve been worried about using normal clamp lights since the flood bulbs get really hot. Then i saw Petco has ceramic lights for Lizards. They, however, are tiny.

Fortunatly, there is a Petco, Staples, Target, and Home Depot in the same strip near my Apartment.

Tomorrow I’m off to B+H to get a couple roles of paper for a seamless, a stand for the paper, a pair of stands for my new lights, as well as some other odds like a sinc cord for my flash and some sad bags.

Needless to say, getting a couple of 9 ft roles of paper from NYC to central NJ is less than an exciting prospect. I’ll let you know how it turns out…

Random Images and Exploration

I went into the city on the 19th with Natali. After a wonderful morning spent in court followed by what is basically a State Government endorsed bribe of $500, I get a call from Nat, who is having as wonderful a day as I, asking if I want to hit the city and take some photos.

Train breaks down on the tracks. Got to love public transportation!

We stopped in to B and H Photo and then b-lined of for ALIFE.

The whole time i was snapping images of the guerrilla art and the Nat.

Natalie Shooting a Wall

More images to come…

Added 02.26.08…

Art outside of ALIFE

Natalie Mug

Natalie again

Street Art


im getting tired of titeling these…

and so on


Natalie with Metrocard

Natalie in the Metro


natalie again

on the train home

Black Ascot

Looking into the Dark


Lifecast [a prelude to lazy sunday]

I spent the first half of Saturday making a life cast of a college friend. Her name is Paola, she has a striking face, and I must have asked her to sit for a cast two years ago. Thank you to the magic of FaceBook.com we reconnected. A morning of digging my old casting materials out of the black hole that is my mom’s place and driving all over Central Jersey was followed by an afternoon of pouring blue alginate all over Paola’s face with the much needed assistance of an Iranian woman [whose name escapes me].

This, of course, was all after two hours of sleep.

Flash back to the night before: Diego, Alex, and me. We’re hanging out in D’s room, playing Wii, and making jokes that involve math. I look up from my laptop when it dawns on me and say, “how the hell do we all have girlfriends?” Diego looks up from his MacBook Pro, “I have no idea.” And not just girlfriends, hot girlfriends.

Ok, so back to Saturday. I pull the alginate from her face. Paola, after the initial shock, actually seemed to enjoy the casting. She said it was relaxing and warm. She was a real champ.

Face cast

I drove her back to her place and went out to buy a couple of bags of light plaster with [Iranian Woman]. I wont lie, it was awkward, but I’m glad I spent the car-ride to Pearl with her, even though it was most definitely odd.

I dropped her off on my way back and casted the alginate. While it was curing, I hung out with Amanda [my hot girlfriend] and Eric Choi [my Merck-employed roommate]. Then I took her to her car and ate out with Eric, Ashley [the Rock-Star Chemist], and Elyse [the raven-haired social worker]

The Skylark Diner has freaking awesome food. Followed by Maya [hookah lounge] and a sleepy Elyse.

to be continued…