Hey baby, what’s your blood type?

A letter to Ama-chan “…

I’m just gonna assume that i need to throw more 5 yen coins into the collection at the shrines out here cause the internet gods have NOT been smiling on me >_<

Asside from my internet crappieness, i sat in Hashimoto school ALL day and didn’t teach a god damned single lesson. I just sat there and studied japanese, read wicked and listened to the same fucking Norah Jones album over, and over… AND OVER AGAIN. I’m definitely brining in my own music from this point on cause if i have to hear the CD one more time i may end some staff members.

Asside from that, things out here are killer. I walked around Harujuku for a bit with my boy Niles and then met up with some Geos teachers at a Gaijin (foreigner) bar. In Harujuku I bought a 20 dollar track jacket that says ドエム (Doh Eh-moo), which means Super M, or more literally Super Masochist.

Apparently in Japan they have some odd pickup lines. One is basically “are you M or are you S?” Which means are you a sadist or a masochist? Odd, but not as odd as this one, “What’s your blood type?” Apparently its like whats your sign, cause each blood type has a personality description attacehd to it. The odd thing is, my friend Jaimeson matches perfectly to his description. I’m not sure what my blood type is soooo… idk. But the first time i heard that i was thinking the next thing i was going to hear was “I want to wear your skin.” Its just kinda weird. But hey, when in Rome….er Japan.

I’ve also managed to lose 10lbs in the last 6 weeks. I guess eating almost nothing but ramen, fish and rice in wonderfully small and appropriate portions has done wonders for my waist… although im swimming in my larger suit now. A weird side effect; i cant finish fast food burgers. I get a burger with small fries and a small drink and its like i’m tossing 1/4 of it out.

Oh, and soap out here sucks. Its all runny shite if its even arround. I had to search all over a ¥100 store to find a proper bottle of dial. And i think the Shiseido crap i bought is eating my hands. Oh, and there are rarely any paper napkins. You’re supposed to get married cause all women in japan carry handkerchiefs (actually washcloths) in their purse, usually with some cute Disney character on them. Which is funny cause when it starts to rain out of nowhere, you see all these girls in hot-pants and stockings walking around with Stitch (they fucking love Stitch out here) hand towels on their heads.

One of the many mindbogglingly things about japan is their porn. I know i know, you don’t like porn, but its not even specifically whats in it, its that its way out in the open. Where in the states you have paper up over the magazines to hide everything but the magazine’s name, Japan has it out in between the fashion magazines and the motorcycle magazines. And some of it is Manga porn, cuase porn laws in Japan say that you have to sensor all genitalia, tho boobs are Daijobu (OK!). Why do i know this you may ask. Cause, as polite a society as Japan is, its completely normal to see some Salaryman in a suit reading a porn comicbook ON THE FUCKING TRAIN. I mean, even at the convenience stores, people are just thumbing through it, but on the train they are just staring at super graphically drawn cartoon women getting drilled by well endowed men with anime hair… It would be funnier if i wasn’t kinda offended for the women on the train… even tho they dont even seem to notice.

As a side note, apparently the GWBush has “formally requested” the Japanese government to end child pornography… awkward.

One of my friends that teaches with me a couple days a week moved into my guest house, Mellisa. Apparently the other guest house owned by the same people is really really shitty with homeless peopel all over the stoop and is right by the red-light district. She was stopped by a couple of cops on the street one day and asked to show them her papers. She did and was just kinda confused until her friend told her that she was living in the Russian Hostess part of town (Hostesses are like escorts tho more like girls you pay to talk to you at bars than girls you pay for sex… tho i hear that’s not out of the question).

Any way… thats the show thus far. Ive spent entirely too much time drinking with my friends after school and dropped way too much yen on imported beer (a pint of Guinness out here is like 10 bucks). Now im just gonna play it low key until my next pay check and maybe wonder around with my camera or screw around with my guitar (i got a really cheap used acoustic at a second hand store)

Tell me how everything is on your end and how all the peeps are doing. Give Pan my love and hug everyone i hug (make it super awkward)