And now I’m in France

First off, i have to say, the most irritating thing about France is the keyboard for this hotel computer. Its not QWERTY, its not Dvorak, its just French. The A is where the Q should be, the Q is in the A’s place, the W and Z are switched, the M and the semi colon are reversed, you have to press SHIFT to get a FULL STOP, and there are a meriad of other oddities relating to the french system of writing, multi directional accents, Cs with tails, and, the most telling fact that this is a keyboard of French Design, its easier to use an Exclamation Point than to use a Period… Well, makes sense.

Any way, I’m in the world of great food and snooty hotel clerks alone. My mom,s flight was canceled twice (the second time I heard it had something to do with the police) and so for the past few days, i’ve been trying to figure out what the city is about. Unfortunately, i’ve had not great interest in general French-ness other than their legal system and architectural regulations and practices. I’ve been a little preoccupied with getting into Japan.

Tho, I have to admit, its a beautiful place. The food has been splendid, and French people seem to be nice when you smile when you talk to them (which is the general rule i have when talking to strangers)

Any way, i need foods. Any souvenir requests can be made below, or emailed to me.


From Paris with Love

this is an email i just sent off to ma aunt maryann:

thus far, the most challenging thing for me is putting up with this crazy french keyboard. all the letters are rearranged, and its breaking my muscle memory…
other than that, getting around and finding things to take pictures of has been easy.
Yesterday, i stoped off for lunch after getting to my room on Valadon. Right after i sat, an asian guy sat next to me and ordered in English (like  i did) so we stated talking. His name is Taro, he’s from Tokyo, and he’s moving back in July after he’s done at Berkley. Small world.
I then figured out where the Eiffel Tower is and headed over there (after getting lost q couple times)
and then of course, a beautiful dinner (at a Chinese restaurant) ^_^
i can’t wait to see my mom tho.

and so we continue

i don’t know where to continue, so i’m going to go from where i can last remember…

i subed at Ikebukuro school yesterday(?) and it was great. the staff is really nice, and the guy who seemed to be in charge was awesome. But i, as the idiot i am, didnt eat, before showing up. I had a starbucks coffee, that was it.

after, me Luke , and Jackie, who i only ever see on tuesdays, went out for food.

Luke and Jackie work at shinjuku Honko on tuesdays, where i usually teach business english. After, we go for suchi, and BS about everything.

So we go out for food. Good idea. We went to a African resturant. Bad idea. Its Tabehori (all you can eat) so we stuff ourselves. After, we split up, cause we all hav to go to school parties for x-mass. So i head off to Shinjuku station to meet up with Jaimeson (one of my favorite people in the world, and Reinei, who i dont know as well, but is pretty awesome as people go.

When we get to the town where the party is (Machida) I have to vomit. The food doesnt settle with me. After the last hour, i feel as good as have in a while. So we go on. I get there, realize this is the last place i need to be, and leave after paying my peace and dropping off my secreate santa present.

I then vomit again, at the train station in machida.

I get home. I try and pass out.

As much as i can remeber last night is this:

I vomit. I shit myslef. (no kidding) i buy some club soda. i vomit. i shit myself (again). i vomit. i sleep.

now all of this culd have happened out of sequence. I’m not really sure. But it was horrible. I wake up at 3pm to several emails, texts, and various missed calls. I answer Luke’s call to beer.

And we drink. Its 180 beer in Shinjuku. Prolly the best idea ever! Me and Luke just hung out for a while, drank, and went by to check out dome screens at Bic Camera. Then for more beer.

After about and hour of chilling at The Hub, Leanne shows up with a bunch of her freinds. Now, by this time, i’ve realized that i’ve forgotten my phone at home ()which i could care less about) and Leanne tells me thats she’s been calling me and Luke. Again, thats cool, she ended up there anyway.

I’m there with Luke, some randome Turkish Guys we’ve met, and Leanne and her freinds (who all turn out to be pretty rad). All in all, a good night.

So the leason for the night:

Forget your cell from time to time

if you can deal with food poisining in the country you’re living in, you can deal with anything.

Hang out with asian Gaijin, it tends to end up well.

Alchohol always helps.

thats about all i can conjure off the top of my head. enjoy japan

Mac vs. € vs. ¥ vs. $

I’m finally making some money now, so I’ve been looking at the big-boy’s section of the camera stores. From what I’ve seen, Mac has seriously jacked its prices on its products abroad.

Living in japan, you’d think cheep electronics. Well, Steve Jobs says different. at the base MacBook Pro is retailing for $1999; in Japan its ¥228,800; in France, €1799.

so here is the breakdown, and since i live in Japan, ill base in in Yen:




the new MacBook looks like this when you convert it:

JP: $2500 (+$500) –

US: $1900 (+0) –

FR: $2402 (+$402)-

“Why, Onnie Andrew Awesome Frier Godzilla Koski are you looking at France’s prices and not, oh, say England’s,” you might ask. Simply, cause I’m going there at teh end of December and they have a new Apple Store popping up in the glass pyramid at the Louvre (of all places).

So, ok, i get it, it costs allot to ship things now-a-days. Especially Japan. “But hey, wait a second, Onnie Andrew Death-bringer Boss Nerd Koski, aren’t they all made in China and shipped directly to your door step?” you may say. Yeah, that’s what i hear from the grape vine.

so eff this ess. I’m going to start moving money into my account back home, maybe open a CD. Or, why not, send it off to Oz. They are down to AUD1:61JPY and were at 1:100 when i got here. It cant get worse… can it?

Any way, i guess I’m going to be working off my old G4 until i can afford a MacBook Pro from the states.

At least i can still buy music and Movies off iTunes US, J-pop shits me.

jean paul gautier water, chocolate pringles

crisps ¥500, water ¥1600

crisps ¥500, water ¥1600

it pays to get drunk on a school night

apparently JPG is designing watter (bottles) and selling them for 16 bucks

the chips are hilarious. they look like pringles

assuming that water will always taste like H2O and that wont change, i bought a Chuhi Strong and a pack of the crisps

Nikon, Hitler and Twitter… i know, akward title.

David at posted this on his blog

I too was once a Nikon guy. I still love the controls of a Nikon (can canon please make a vertical grip that lines up with the buttons on the body?) and yes, Hitler is a bad bad man But this is just freaking funny.

as a side note, my dashboard for WordPress (something i cant skin) is this wonderful gunmetal-gray, that looks like everything else on my Mac. It always takes me forever to find the “New Post” button… which probably means i should just blog more

Also, im now on twitter.

The Mixed Tape

I found out that one of my students, a 20-year-old Japanese Woman (amazingly cute) had never heard of The Pillows. In my ultimate music nerdome, i made here a CD of their music from Adict and King of Pirates.

In respnonce she made me a Mix of her favorite songs and wrote me a cute lil note (in english ^_^).

This is the first time that I’ve not been able to read into the music selection on a “Mixtape” given to me by a girl (according to Diesel Sweeties, when a girl gives you a mix tape it means they like you). Mainly because i question weather or not she understand the lyrics.